EBT swiss engineering AG works together with highly qualified partners all over the world and has been a reliable partner to our diverse range of customers with over 20 years of experience.

Organization chart
  • Our aim is to build a tolerant working culture

  • Our incentive is to improve what we have already achieved

  • We demonstrate appreciation, trust and respect to our employees, competitors, customers and suppliers

  • All EBT staff take the requests of our customers seriously and react promptly, innovatively and in a customer-oriented manner

  • Our work is of high quality and our product is the best advertisement for our firm

  • We share and obtain information when necessary

  • We are critical, scrutinize and while also allowing scope for common sense

  • Our success is based on a team of co-thinkers and jointly responsible persons​

EBT swiss engineering AG was founded by Thomas Jakob in August 2016 in Wald ZH in Switzerland.


Beforehand, he owned (50%) of the company Brunner Thermo GmbH for 19 years and has been working in the field of heat exchangers and spray drier plants for more than 24 years. By march 2017, our aim to establish a strong engineering team of highly qualified process engineers.


On the first of March 2017, 'EBT swiss engineering AG' merged with the company 'HHX engineering GmbH'. All liabilities and staff were taken on, and 'HHX engineering GmbH' will be entirely merged into 'EBT swiss engineering AG' in the first half of 2017.


Starting from 1 March 2017, 17 people are working for 'EBT swiss engineering AG'

The company EBT swiss engineering AG is located in Neuhaus SG in Switzerland. From the international airport Zürich it is only approx. 40 minutes drive to our company. From the surrounding hills you will have a beautiful view of  the lake of Zürich and the marvellous Swiss alps.

Wald ZH, Switzerland