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We optimise and modify the existing layout to improve the efficiency and realise energy savings in close partnership with our customers. If required, we can work on site within a tight time schedule and to the full satisfaction of our customers.


We will be glad to support and help you optimise your plant or by troubleshooting.

At EBT swiss engineering AG, you get everything out of one hand. All the layout and engineering is performed by well-trained and experienced engineers using powerful and reliable software. We serve our customers from the first request up to the time of commissioning.


We use our proprietary calculation program to provide our customers with detailed energy figures for complex recuperation systems.


We are able to deliver you high quality units from our workshop in Switzerland, or by only doing the engineering work and giving you the flexibility to use your own workshop.

At the customer's request (recommended) our well-trained engineers can conduct the commissioning of our products on-site after installation.

Thanks to our proprietary calculation program, we are in a position to calculate even highly complex recuperation circuits with different operating scenarios for the different seasons. The implementation of the local energy costs permits an accurate calculation of the payback period.

Our MIL RECU units include all required heat exchangers including the pump system and optional spray-nozzle cleaning system, in short: the entire recuperation system out of one hand with guaranteed power savings data.

Our customer service does not end after delivery of our products. We support our customers over the whole life span of our products by way of our After Sales Program. This permits for constant improvement and an up-to-date installation.

Our standard delivery conditions are FCA Neuhaus,Switzerland. The price for packaging for road transport within Europe is included.

On request, we offer sea-worthy packing in wooden boxes (certified wood) or overseas delivery. If you require, we will organize for world-wide transport including customs and insurance to deliver the goods to the site - all out of one hand.
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